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Ancient Life Oil products
Our products are All-American – Made in the USA from all organic American Industrial Hemp
What is CBD (Cannabidiol)?

Cannabidiol is the focus of many current medical studies. It is commonly abbreviated to CBD, and is one of the many active compounds present in industrial hemp. These active compounds are referred to as cannabinoids. CBD is the most dominant cannabinoid in hemp, constituting up to 40% of hemp extract. Unlike THC, it is non-psychoactive.

What is the difference between Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum oils?
Full Spectrum oil contains 0.3%THC or less and Broad Spectrum is 100% THC FREE.
Is CBD legal?

Yes. You might have heard that the only way to use these products is to live in a state that has legalized medical marijuana, but this simply isn’t true! Our CBD is extracted from federally legal hemp plants. You do not require a license or doctor’s note.

If any state legislation changes this standing, we will do our best to provide immediate updates.

Will CBD get me high?
NO! CBD is an active cannabinoid derived from hemp, but it is not psychoactive, meaning it will not inhibit you in any way, shape, or form! Our full spectrum products contains 0.3% or less, or you can use our broad spectrum oils which are 100% THC free.
Will CBD make me fail a drug test?
Federally legal hemp extract has had the THC eliminated from it. Although we make no claims as to the certainty of drug test results, it is highly unlikely that CBD would make you fail traditional drug tests which only search for THC.
What is CBD used for?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not allow us to make medical claims regarding the benefits of our products beyond recommending them for general well-being. Definitely take the time to do some research for yourself.

If you are suffering from a disease or illness, or believe you are suffering from a disease or illness, it is best to consult your healthcare provider for advice.

What’s the difference between hemp seed oil and CBD extract?

Good question! Less reputable companies sell hemp seed oil claiming it is CBD oil, so it’s important to know the difference.

Hemp seed oil is made by pressing raw hemp seeds and collecting the liquid oil that is expelled. It is a good supplement and cooking additive. It does not have concentrated cannabinoids or terpenes.

CBD extract is made by supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of the hemp plant. This concentrates the active cannabinoids and terpenes to very high percentages, resulting in the CBD oil we add to our products.
How much CBD should I take?

Everybody responds differently to CBD, so the best approach is to try it out and adjust to find out what works best for you as an individual. It is recommended as one serving per day. Adjust according to your personal needs.

As always, consult your healthcare provider for medical advice.

Do you ship Internationally?
We currently only ship within the US at this time.